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Jewellers typically use a monocular, handheld loupe to magnify gemstones and other jewelry that they wish to inspect. A 10× magnification is good to use for. Jewelers Loupes & Magnifiers: Precision Tools for Expert Gem Evaluation. Jewelry loupes, commonly referred to as Jewelers loupes or eye loupes. Precision Products carries a wide variety of wholesale jeweler's loupes in different magnification strengths, adjustable focus options and more. Product Description · Loupe Magnification Power: 10X · Lens Diameter: 18mm · Lens Segment: Triplet · Case Color: Black Rubber Rim & Gold Tone. * Loupe. Inspect your gems and minerals up close with this 10 power jewelers loupe. • Magnification: 10X• Lens Diameter: 18mm• Silver Color• Round Metal Body• Glass.

Product Description The loupe has the diameter of 21 mm and built-in 6 bright LED and 7 UV lights (6+1). The 10 power magnification loupe is fitted with. Only 1 left! 21mm 10x Black Sliding Illuminated Jewelers Loupe Marked 36 Diopter, which correlates to 10x magnification To use. Kassoy carries a wide array of premium loupes at all different magnifications and specifications. Shop now. Loupes ; $$ GemLoupe ; $$–$$ ZEISS Double Lens Pocket Loupes ; $$ Triplet Loupes ; $$–$$ The Jeweler's Loupe in Aiken, SC, has been Aiken's most trusted diamond jewelry dealer since We offer fine jewelry and repairs at competitive prices. Shop for jewelers magnifying glasses with lights and eye loupe magnifiers at CR Hill Company. We offer a wide selection of jewelers. JARLINK loupe jeweler with LED light is portable and very handy, helping you observe gems, jewelry, coins, stamps, rocks, etc. Let no nib-misalignment go undiscovered with this jewellers loupe. a 21mm diameter lens provides 30x magnification so you can see that nib up close. A jewelers loupe makes internal flaws and surface blemishes more apparent and allows you to assess color, cut, and other aspects of a stone. Bausch + Lomb offers a very fine, optically-correct gemological loupe for about $50 which is, in my opinion, the best value for the money. Because it has a. GSTK 30X Magnification Jeweler Loupe Magnifier w/ 6 LED light 21mm Lens Gem.

This innovative jewelers' loupe is ideal for inspecting diamonds, gemstones and watches. Built-in band of six LED lights Emits a cool bright light Direct. A jeweler's loupe, the most common type of jeweler's magnifier, is a handheld magnifying lens that is used by jewelers to inspect diamonds and gems. BelOMO produce the best folding loupe for all intents and purposes. Famous BelOMO 10x Triplet loupe is the best loupe for jewelry, diamonds, gems and coins. Jewelers Loupe 21mm Lense 10X · Product: White Mold Marker Jewelers Loupe · Power: 10X · Loupe Pouch: Leather · Country of Origin: United States. Link Copied to. For jewelers and watchmakers, we carry head band magnifiers, magnifying jewelry loupes, LED loupes, loupes that attach to visor magnifiers for additional. This innovative jewelers' loupe is ideal for inspecting diamonds, gemstones and watches. $ Add to cart · 10X LED Lighted Pocket Optical Comparator Set. To make their job easier, they often rely on magnifying glasses called "jewelers loupes." A jeweler's loupe is a small, handheld device that provides a. Magnifiers. In this department you'll find Jewelers Eye Loupes, Lighted Benchtop Magnifiers, Gem Grading Instruments, Headband Magnifiers and Accessories. Foldable, Durable:Made of durable and lightweight aluminum alloy and plastic housing, this loupe resists wear and tear and damage caused when transporting.

Take a closer look at your jewelry and gems with this jeweler's eye loupe for sale from Gems on Display! This 18mm doublet loupe has 10x magnification for. A magnifying glass designed to optically improve your vision of fine details of small objects to aid in your inspection. Each jeweler's loupe features a primary. For gemologists, the 10X loupe (with ten-power magnification) is the standard for hand-held gem identification. Although you'll find more powerful loupes, the. The Private Eye Team Loupe Set with Lanyards. Sold Out - $ Six Private Eye jeweler's Loupes-on-Lanyards in a poly-grid case. Perfect for small teams. 10x Jewelers loupe Improve your detailed viewing with this compact easy to use eye loupe optical tool that has powerful 10x magnification.

jewelers optical loupes are used for seeing finer detail in your silver and gold work, gems, stones, and anything else you may have difficulty viewing using. Jewelers Loupe · Write a Review · This folding loupe magnifies gemstones and other jewelry-making components to ten times their actual size. The loupe, pronounced. 30x Jewelers Loupe w/LED. This one gives nice clear viewing of your edges and comes in handy for other things as well.

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